Jali Fruit Co. Sun-Dried Mangoes

Who doesn’t love mangoes? This tropical fruit with a juicy, aromatic pulp is loved by people all across the world. No wonder why it’s a centerpiece of so many dishes! And when they are sun-dried, the taste just elevates to new levels. Sun-dried mangoes are also used in various types of dishes, especially desserts.

But are you tired of the same old dessert and need something that will take your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride? Want something that is rich but also fruity and fresh? Then, we have just the thing for you! From the green and sunny farmlands around the world, picked by the most skillful of all hands, we bring you sun-dried mangoes unlike anything in the market.

They are so delicious that you will feel like riding on cloud nine. And we have the perfect recipe to turn these succulent mangoes into an appetizing White Chocolate Dipped Mango Biscotti. But before we talk about the recipe, let us discuss this secret healthy ingredient in detail first. 

What makes these dried mangoes absolutely best?

There are definitely lots of dried mangoes available out there. But sometimes, it’s important to know where these mangoes are coming from. And Jali Fruit Co takes great pride in its sources.

What I love about Jali Fruit Co is that they harvest all of their mangoes from female rural farmers across the world. And all of the fruits are 100% hand-crafted by these farmers. In other words, Jali Fruit Co believes in empowering women and cultivating an entrepreneurship mindset amongst them.

And Jali does this by providing simple machines that operate without electricity and also train women to use them and conduct agriculture in a sustainable manner by converting food waste into consumable food. Currently, they are operating in more than 40 cooperatives located in the Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa to dry the fruit.

Jali Fruit Co Farmers

But obviously, as the brand puts it, their goal is to do more than just drying fruit. In this regard, Jali Fruit Co. also trades with smallholder farmers directly instead of middleman to sell their premium products. The brand further helps all the farmers to manage their finances by creating bank accounts and constructive credit history.

All of the farmers that work with Jali are known for making more than the average daily wage, which not only allows them to manage their finances but also develop confidence in their skills and potential. According to the brand, the average daily wage made by the farmers in their localities is $2 per day only. But working with Jali allow the farmers to make up to $15 daily that is send directly into their bank accounts.

Moreover, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Jali also collaborates with local governments and non-profit organizations to provide training in the fields of agriculture and farming. In this way, more jobs are also created in farms across the world.

Accordingly, through its ethical market practices and commitment to women’s empowerment, the brand is able to produce premium dried mangoes with a very humble story. And that’s not it. I have tried these dried mangoes personally, and they are quite different in taste as compared to all the other products in the market.

These mangoes are a bit chewy and soft, just like any other dried food, but the taste is especially quite phenomenal. The dried mangoes retain the tartness of the fruit and are sweet at the same time. However, unlike other dried mangoes, Jali’s products come with no added sugar or preservatives. This is why I am more than excited to share an amazing recipe with these dried mangoes as the star secret healthy ingredient.

Dried mangoes are also high in fiber, which may help stabilize blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol and increase absorption. They are also rich in Vitamin C. About half a cup of dried mangoes can cover almost 22% of your daily value of vitamin C and 10% of that of fiber.

So what’s the recipe?

There are tons of ways to eat a dried mango. For instance, you can pair dried mangoes with a roasted chicken sandwich and munch on a scrumptious savory dish. You can make a sweet and tangy dried mango chutney to eat with fish curry. Fried rice also goes well with this fruit.

Perhaps you are in the mood for something fresh. How about a fruit salad with dried mangoes and nuts? Surely, the possibilities are endless. But after trying various kinds of recipes, I found that dried mangoes work best as biscotti.

White Chocolate Dipped Mango Biscotti

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