Great weather is finally here! There's no better way to celebrate than baking delicious treats for the entire family!

But let's be honest. Despite the occasion or season, you can't ignore your health! And this is why we have a delicious yet healthy ingredient for you in the store! Read on.

Nutraberry Upcycled Raspberry Seed Powder is Here to Save the Day

Today, you can find thousands of products to use in your recipes. Even simple ingredients like flour have tons of alternatives available. This means making a healthy recipe has become much more possible today, using ingredients like berry seed powder, which is good for both your gut and the environment.

Nutraberry is known for producing naturally functional berry oils and seed flours using the method of upcycling. Berry seeds are extracted during the production of seedless purees. This fruit is grown and harvested in Washington.

During harvesting, the "seed cake" of the crushed raspberries is kept intact, so all the naturally occurring compounds in raspberries are unaltered during the process. The processing of the seed cake only involves drying, grinding, and cold-pressing.

When it comes to nutritional content, Nutraberry's berry seed powders have over 60% fiber. Accordingly, the product is known to be prebiotic, thanks to its polyphenol content.

Nutraberry stores most of its products in cold storage, which helps in keeping the products fresh. The powders come in fine sizes, making it easy to use the products in baking. And when baked over 350 F, the seed powder releases berry notes, which can be incorporated into yogurt and smoothies.

Benefits of Prebiotics and Polyphenol

Prebiotics are essentially the main source of food for our bodies' healthy bacteria, called microbes. Generally, prebiotics improves the growth of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria, which are known for strengthening the immune system and improving digestion.

These microbes also relieve constipation and modulate intestinal motility. Moreover, gut microbiota also helps develop low-grade inflammation, which affects the absorption of fats and metabolism of glucose, the main features of obesity.

And when it comes to polyphenols, the component can help in maintaining circulation, keeping the blood vessels healthy, and managing blood pressure levels. Polyphenols have also proven to be effective in controlling blood sugar levels.

Final Takeaway

Regardless of the occasion, it's important to choose a product that is not only healthy but also fits well with the recipe you are trying. Nutraberry's upcycled raspberry seed fiber is a winning ingredient in the market that reduces food waste in landfills and increases access to healthy choices.

And we have two lovely recipes for you to try and use this ingredient - Raspberry Donuts and Raspberry Flapjacks! Using Nutraberry's raspberry seed fiber, you can give a healthy twist to donuts and flapjacks without compromising on the taste.

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David Wishnick, Founder of Nutraberry

Interview with David Wishnick, Founder of Nutraberry

Tell us little bit about yourself.

In 2011 while getting my MBA, I discovered I was very entrepreneurial. During a conference with American Institute of Chemical Engineers that I organized, I discovered that 95% of raspberries are grown in the US are grown in Washington. I met some Pacific Northwest processors and they said if you want to start a company that would help us would be to create a company that can utilize the side stream, the seeds and the pummus and that’s how I get into the business. I launched Nutraberry in 2014.

What does your manufacturing process look like?

80% of the raspberry is water. The seeds are a small fraction, but contain the nutrients. They make seedless puree and the seeds naturally do not give up the nutrient content to propagate its own species. It goes through your body and it doesn’t give up its nutrient because it wants to keep those nutrients to continue being a raspberry as that’s how they have evolved. So we mill it to a fine powder. That’s the engineering challenge we have. Drying it is what prevents other people from doing it because processors don’t want to do it. We buy these drums of seeds because they process these tens of millions of seeds. They probably have greater nutritional content than the fruit.

Does the seed contain most of the nutrients rather than the whole berry?

A whole dried raspberry is 15% fiber and our powder is 60% fiber. There are 8X more polyphenols in the seeds than in the flesh of the fruit.

Tell us more about the fiber in the raspberry seed fiber powder.

The fiber is a driver of microflora activity. Some extract the polyphenols from the fiber. The polyphenols are in a womb of the fiber which stabilizes them to bake with. You can’t just bake with pure polyphenols. This is like how probiotics need to be refrigerated. Fibers and polyphenols work together. The seeds have a lot of good fatty acids and Vitamin E.

Why do you need more fiber/ polyphenols?

There are 2 types of fiber. Water soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is good for lowering cholesterol. Insoluble fiber is the vast majority of what we have. For gut health, we’re after the insoluble fiber. Microbiome is 5-7 pounds of gut bacteria that we all have and is known as the home of the immune system. When we have insoluble fiber, it makes the microbiome more active – it’s food for the microbiome/ microflora. This is why we take probiotics. I believe there are more microflora than stars in the universe.

What has been like to be an entrepreneur? What has been the biggest surprise?

You only know what you’ve experienced. I come from a technical background so selling has been the biggest challenge.

What does sustainability mean to you and Nutraberry?

Sustainability is not impacting the next generation. It is folded into the business itself. It’s not donating to a non-profit. We didn’t start the company because we wanted to dedicate our lives to sustainability. We are a business. Upcycling food is a self-defeating problem because in the sense that it does what it wants to do, it would no longer be needed. We are creating value, real value. Sustainability is authentic means to incrementally increase the value of things, particularly food, because it decomposes into methane.