Green Banana Flour

Looking for something sweet to munch on as a snack or breakfast? But don’t want to go for the mainstream desserts like cake, biscuits, and ice cream? Then, you definitely need banana bread in your life!

As much as the name sounds fun, this bread will take your taste buds on a scrumptious ride. Combine it with chocolate, and you’ll experience something heavenly.

With the sweetness of the banana and richness of the chocolate, a chocolate swirl banana bread is all that you need to start or end the day right. But we make this treat even better.

How? It all comes down to our secret ingredient!

So if you want to know how you can also make this scrumptious dessert, we got you. In this blog piece, we will share how you can make the perfect chocolate swirl banana bread for you and your loved ones. And also share the secret ingredient that makes it so delicious.

So stick with us and read on.

The star of our dish – Green Banana Flour

Before we officially share the recipe for banana bread, let’s talk about the main ingredient! What makes our recipe different from others out there is the flour.

Forget traditional flour. You need green banana flour to make your banana bread the talk of the party!

Many banana bread recipes use all-purpose flour in the mixture. Some recipes also use alternatives such as oat and almond flour. But this flour has benefits that no other products offer.

Green banana flour is basically the yield resulting from under-ripe, green bananas. We particularly use Green Banana Flour from Field Better, which is part of Agricycle.

Green Banana Flour

Here are the main benefits of green banana flour:

  1. It’s very nutritional

Green banana flour is particularly known for resistant starch – a type of fiber that provides prebiotics. It is prebiotics that helps in maintaining a healthy gut in our bodies. Various fruits, vegetables like white potatoes, legumes, and white rice contains prebiotics.

A resistant start can also reduce the glycemic load of foods in the body, which maintains the blood sugar levels in the body. Many foods that consist of resistant starch may lose some of it while cooking.

However, green banana flour has low heat processing, which is why it is the most effective product to consume resistant starch. Green banana flour also consists of insoluble fiber and insulin, which also serve as prebiotics and aids in digestion.

Besides this, it comes with micronutrients such as zinc, phosphorous, magnesium, and manganese – all of which are super important for your body.

  1. It’s grain-free and gluten-free

Bananas are usually non-allergenic. In this way, green banana flour is great for paleo dieters. It is also suitable for those who use healing diets such as autoimmune protocol. This particulate green banana flour is processed in a nut-free facility.

Field Betters flours, in particular, undergo rigorous QA/QC tests to ensure very high standard production.

  1. It’s great for weight loss

If you want a healthy substitute for traditional flour, then green banana flour is what you need to incorporate into your diet. Just ¼ cup of banana flour comes with 100 calories, which is much lower than the calories offered by all-purpose flour and other alternatives such as oat, almond, and rice flour.

Plus, you don’t need to use a lot of green banana flour in your recipes as well. You can use a lesser amount than usual of this flour in your recipes, which will help you save even more calories.

Since it contains fibrous content, green banana flour can keep you full for longer and ensure your blood sugar level is stable. This can reduce the intensity and frequency of your cravings.

  1. It also cuts waste

Banana flour is an environment-friendly product as well. The bananas that are used in making this flour aren’t fit for commercial sale. This is because they have an odd shape or slight blemishes on their surface.

In this way, they are usually rejected by the customers or wholesalers. Instead of throwing them out, companies can use them to make green banana flour.

Accordingly, Agricycle and its brands such as Field Better upcycles food in Sub-Saharan Africa that might go to waste. In this way, all of its products are ethically sourced.

It also provides employment opportunities to people in Sub-Saharan Africa by working directly with over 40,000 local farmers instead of paying cooperatives. It improves the value chains and also pays the local farmers seven times more than their average daily wage.

  1. It increases the absorption of important minerals

Another benefit of switching to banana flour is that it can speed up the absorption of important minerals and antioxidants like calcium. In this way, your body can protect itself from harmful diseases and disorders including Osteoporosis.

Absorption of important minerals also ensure good colon health and prevention from colon cancer. It further helps in reducing the formation of gallstones in the body. Accordingly, green banana flour has tons of benefits for our body.

So what’s the recipe?

It is clear now that green banana flour can make any recipe ten times better with its nutritional value, taste, and texture.

Our recipe has drastically improved because of this product as well. But before you can get your hands on our majestic recipe, you will have to sign up for our subscription box.

That’s right! We can send you the recipe directly this September along with incredibly healthy Green Banana Flour. So click this link and let's start baking!